Monday, 3 February 2014

Mathematician at dawn - that beads by dusk!

Geometry shapes how I design beadwork - I visualize structures and the next challenge is to create what's in my head.  I rarely sketch my work - often ideas occur on my long commute to school or as I'm about to drift to sleep......I struggle to follow patterns and always have variation ideas as I stitch a design.  What would happen if I change the size of the bead? How could I graduate? What would make this twist?  How can I maintain a structure that defies gravity?

My latest design Copper Curvy Pearls & Bicones was created for the geometric challenge set by the Bead Barmy Blog.   The challenge was to extend the structure of the earring design across 7 inches rather than 2 inches - to create this stunning 6 inch bracelet with copper closure - the angular twists and turns in the design influence the circumference.  It is a perfect fit!

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