Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kumihimo - the square plate!

I'm often asked what the benefits of a square plate are over a round disk - simple answer - some braids are just far easier on the plate!  Tension can be harder to maintain on the plate - so a good weight and bobbins are an essential.

The next NEBBies meet is this Saturday - 24th May 2014 - 2 to 5pm - at Knotty Hill Golf Club House!  For those new to the plate - I will demo the 10 warp and 20 warp braids.

This 10 warp braid is created using the instructions that come with the plate - 5 colours (2 metres of each) and closure.

Twenty warps creates a chevron flat braid - 5 colours (4 metres of each) and closure.  Start point shown below - on my old plate reserved for thick cords.....personally I think it is way easier than the 10 warp!

For those who are wanting to learn how to add beads - need Slon Tex - and beads that accommodate 2 passes of the cord!  This is set up on my plate reserved for fine cord.  Beads are added as you go - so no need for pre-loading.  I have used 10 metres and a shank button as a closure.  I needed an extra piece of cord at attached the weight to the shank button.

Useful extras are scissors, tape measure, needle and thread and fabric glue.  If you are using 1mm or 2mm rattail - ribbon clasp - and jewellery glue suitable for metals.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

An eventful week!

Chaos in the run up to study leave in school.  Also very busy week on the creative front.....watch this space....all will be revealed in time!  My first event of 2014 is Victorian Day - Craft Fair Shildon - this Saturday -  St. John's Church.  I will be packing the kumihimo disc and plate to work on some braids while I'm there.

To round off Saturday - will be joining my bead local bead group - NEBBies - at new venue Knotty Hill Golf Club House (2-5pm).  Think I will need that coffee!!!!  Mo will be doing a demo - a multistrand bracelet - or you are welcome to bring your own project.

It was also a week for winning prizes!  My captured sea glass cuff won a category - Is That My Old Windshield?  in the Trash to Treasure contest - an annual competition run by Happy Mango Beads.  Might take a while to make a decision on my purchases.

I also won some stunning gifts from Jennys Shabby Chic Home - the owl cushion looks quite comfy there!