Saturday, 15 February 2014

Baking, bead clubs & braids!

Third Saturday of the month has been devoted to beads for almost 5 years - I have been a member of Darlington Bead Club since it was established in the summer of 2009.  This group meets at Northern Beads - 10:30am to 2:30pm - format being that you take your own project.  I love seeing what everyone has created over the month - some fab Soutache creations from Karen.  Roll on the summer when I get to play with this medium again.

Valentines day saw me experiment with a new bake from a blog I follow - easy-black-and-white-cake.  Chocolate can now easily be sourced from a deli in Grainger market - ages since I've had white chocolate buttons!  I substituted coconut milk with whole milk - and the bake proved popular at bead club.  

North East Beading Buddies (NEBBies) featured on the Sunday Experience.  Afternoons see NEBBies meet a Coopers Cafe in Ferryhill, 2 to 5pm - format being that we work on the same project or bring our own.  Today there were several projects on the go - many were doing wirework spiders - others beaded braids.  I have been waiting for Bead & Button to hit the shops in the North East  - as I loved the cover project by Kerrie Slade.  2014 has seen me tackling stash - so replaced the glass bell flowers with lucite - really happy with the braid - might need to invest in size 11 beads for the beaded end caps..........


  1. The cake looks fantastic and what a pretty bracelet, I haven't seen one with lucite before! Nice blogging :) Best wishes Claire

    1. Thanks - the bracelet now as end caps - adapted a little from Kerrie Slades design. Just got a stitched focal to create next