Monday, 20 January 2014

Beading with constraints!

Beading with constraints can be good for the creative process.  I’m drawn to challenge packs and kits........ the limited supply of beads forces you to create outside the box.  It can also be a very freeing way of creating - no diving into the stash – no debating over which colours go with what – no opportunity to second guess well what if!  Managing without the usual findings or a limited supply poses another interesting challenge – let’s say I brushed up my macramé skills last summer with kits that were mainly cord – but plus side is that I’m now buzzing with Kumihimo ideas – just need to find the time  to play and write.  Finally, they are great for getting me to bead to deadlines.......

My latest design is a result of an entry in to the 'Swarovski Statement Earrings' competition, JillyBeads Ltd (2013).   I have a small stash of Swarovski bicones and pearls that I’ve built up over the years – and saved for that special project.  The biggest challenge perhaps was Swarovski components alone – no seed beads......I had just one small pack of 6 mm and 4 mm bicones that would work together for the design briefing – so these limitations alone shaped the process.  What I came up with is a simple concept with a clever weave – ‘Curvy Pearls & Bicones’ – 2 inch drop statement earrings.  The design got a notable mention!

In writing the tutorial – the mathematician/designer within me couldn't resist experimenting with a matching rope – would the structure hold over a longer length using the same concept and clever weave? 

It is a year to the day – since I opened my Etsy shop – so my first birthday!  Remember JAN2014 applies until the end of the month.

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