Monday, 21 April 2014

Trash to Treasure

Stitch over bezels capture Sea Glass

Easter weekend saw me stitching my first free form cuff - using netting stitch as a base. Shells from Tynemouth were a creative addition to break up the design.  The closure was created from two recycled mother of pearl shirt buttons.

Captive Sea Glass Cuff

The sea glass was collected from the beach at Seaham (East Durham Coast, UK) when my mum and sister visited.  The glass is smooth like a pebble - making wire or peyote stitch wrapping not an option.  

Sea Glass was captured using stitch over bezels. Initially used peyote stitch to secure - but this dominated and took over from the beauty of the Sea Glass.  Instead a spiders web style approach was taken - the shape of the sea glass influenced how this was shaped.

The design was created for the annual Trash to Treasure contest of Happy Mango Beads

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  1. Design won category prize for 'Is That My Old Windshield?'