Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Trinity Beads

Since the advent of 2 hole beads in 2012 I have gradually added every new shape to my stash.  Some get used straight away - some sit there for a while and will talk to me at a later date!

The trinity beads were purchased for the OTTBS March 2016 challenge - I have very little gold in my stash. They come in two sizes 6mm and 8mm......I discovered quickly that they can be used interchangeably with the 8mm beads adding more depth to a design.  An evening of playing with Trinity beads resulted in a few different ways they could be used - offering different things to a design when they are placed horizontally or vertically. So what do 3 hole beads offer over 2 hole beads?  Personally more scope for working and designing in 3 dimensions.

I have listed my first quick and easy design using Trinity Beads in my Etsy shop Art Deco Hex Trinity Bezel

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