Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Braiding, bead weaving & bead embroidery projects in print!

This month has seen four of my projects published - reflecting the range of mediums that appeal to me as a jewellery designer.  Spring 2015 saw me make an early start to two beaded ornament designs for an Interweave Publication - 'Sparkling Beaded Bauble' (page 9) and 'Angels we have heard on high' (page 26).  Not surprisingly I have only just hit the ornament phase and currently developing a new design for 2015.

This month also saw the publication of 'Double Spiral Farfalle Braid' in Issue 67 of Bead & Jewellery Magazine - page 74 to 78.  I originally developed the design in Spring 2014 - but hard drive failure meant that the design was shelved.  The theme of mixing it up brought this design to mind and the project was braided again, rewritten and completed in my summer break.

October saw me complete an accessible project for the Bead Direct Calendar.  The kit for the 'Tumbling Pine Cone' design will be available at the end of December.

Final craft fair of the season is this Saturday at Durham Town Hall.  My work can be purchased via my Folksy shop or tutorials via my Etsy shop.

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