Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years Resolutions & B.O.T.B.'15

The start of a new year is a point of reflection -  2014 saw me publish two designs - Aztec Flower in Bead Me and 'Argyle Bangle' in Quick & Easy Beadwork.  However, before midnight struck on New Years Eve - all tutorials were removed from my Etsy shop.  I'm not the only designer to take this step - but given my day job - I won't have time to devote to developing a web site until the summer holiday.

So what does that mean for me as I start 2015?  The handful of tutorials that were works in progress will be completed and designs submitted to publications.  The Christmas break has seen me start work on reorganizing the study come studio.......additional storage purchased so that I can reclaim my study back for academic pursuits.    

I have been a spectator of Battle of the Beadsmith since it's advent - so I was absolutely thrilled this week when I was selected as a participant for 2015.  With a late Easter vacation and a week scheduled at the Bead Retreat......I should have plenty of time to rise to the challenge!  The design is already sketched out - I have a task is to source the supplies.

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