Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas........discount code until New Years Eve in my Etsy shop!

Well I ran out of beads and I wanted dangles - so just completed Sparkle Star at the weekend - designed by Jean Power.  It is a lovely design that offers flexibility - double sided.........I am sure I will have a few requests for next Christmas!

Jean fell for my Aztec Flower design on the day - she has created some beautiful combinations - Peacock EyeAquamarine and Fuschia .......and I fell in love with her crown stones!   The original copper 27mm stone I purchased at my local bead shop -  Northern Beads.

I have a discount code of JEN20 for all items in my Etsy shop - this will operate until New Years Eve. 

Given response from Etsy on EUVAT - I will no longer be offering digital downloads of my tutorials in the New Year.

I will be exploring other third party options for my tutorials in my summer break.   It is likely that I will list only soutache kits and a selection of completed makes.  There is no plan to offer my tutorials in paper format - as I prefer the flexibility of PDF format - and the ability to enlarge text and photos.

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