Sunday, 2 March 2014

What's in a name?

My business name reflects two strong influences in my life.  Keith (my dad) and Agnes (my nan) both lost their battles with cancer.  I chose the name to reflect the values instilled and the aspirations I had for the direction the business would evolve. I dedicated my PhD to my nan.....perhaps moving from hobby to part time business was taking that step my dad never did. 

The half term break saw me complete my rick rack cuff - designed by Jean Power - stitched over 30 hours by me.  Handy that it matches my new jacket!  There is a real honesty to this final piece - the first few rows show the imperfections only I can see - the crushed delica beads and buckles from tension that was too tight.......but a few hours in I relaxed into the design - and perfected my tension.  Of course the mathematician in me - ended up with a symmetric design - that was much deeper than i'd originally intended.

I often participate in a few facebook group monthly challenges.  A search on herringbone patterns revealed a simple earring design that was asking to be stitched.  Justyna Slezak has created a fabulous blog - offering some free patterns and tutorials in her Etsy shop.  Having lived with cancer in the family for over 10 years - the content of the blog struck home with me.  Her pattern is well written - and easy to follow - I had to tweak the final round - probably my brand of size 11 seed beads!  

There was some fabulous entries for last months challenge - Operation tackle that beadstash.  Already inspired for next months challenge....thinking geometry and pattern!

The final creation reminds me of a poppy - and spending remembrance Sunday in Rothwell with my nan - who lost her husband Walter shortly after the end of the second world war - my dad was 4 days old.

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