Sunday, 19 July 2015

Workshops at MADE Cafe

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms - often when I am immersed in one project - I have design ideas pop into my head!  After teaching a workshop at MADE Cafe on flat spiral stitch - I developed SuperDuo chain design.  The tutorial contains three designs - a Flat Spiral bracelet, SuperDuo Chevron Bangle, MiniDuo Chevron bracelet - this ensures it is an accessible design to beginners.  The tutorial is listed in my Etsy shop here

SuperDuo Chevron Bangle

My last workshop was Pearl in a net - love the patterned and mixed combinations created.

Workshop Sunday 5th July 

My next workshop is for the cute tinsel trees that make great stocking fillers for family and friends.  The design is accessible to a complete beginner - and you will learn the basics of bead weaving.  The workshop is scheduled for Saturday 21st November 2015, 2-4pm, MADE Cafe, Whitley Bay, UK - book here

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