Friday, 1 May 2015

Twins versus Super Duos........

If I'm honest I love both Twin Beads and Super Duos - and from a design perspective can really shape how the completed piece looks.  In Twinkle & Twins - Twin beads create a great star.......whereas to achieve the same with Super Duos is a challenge!  However from this issue a flower design flourished and this will be my next workshop at the North East Bead Fair.

My first design Twins in a Spin was generated for a competition with Making Jewellery -  Summer 2012 - and first bracelet was created from a free sample packet of aqua twins.  When Super Duos came on the scene the design was adapted to suit them.

For this months OTTBS challenge I revisited Twins in a Spin and created a double spiral version using Matubo seed beads for the core.   The great thing about new beads is that they can often open up design options and in the case of the large holed seed beads create more flexibility in a rope.

This months TUTORIAL BUNDLE offers three of my designs that use my favourite beads!

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