Friday, 13 June 2014

O Bead Wrap

New beads offer flexibility and scope for a range of designs.  When the O Bead was released in winter 2013 - immediately saw the potential for their use in kumihimo.  The large hole in the O Bead means more than one pass is possible - with this in mind and the monthly OTTBS male challenge theme - finally  got my act together and started experimenting with the O Beads.  This is an accessible design to braid but weight, thread bobbins and lots of patience are key to neat tension.  Taking less than 5g of O beads and a few metres of 0.5 mm C-lon - these are an accessible make for summer wear.   Unusual shank buttons really add to the design - these 10 mm vintage buttons with shank - were a nice find at Tynemouth market.

I was hoping to share my first freeform creation - but announcing the Bead Star finalists has been put back to the end of the month.......

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